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Haven't drawn in quite a while. But I'll probably start drawing again for you guys. By you guys I mean a small roomful of strangers on the internet... Or spambots... You're probably spambots.

I haven't drawn shit in a long fucking time, probably won't draw much more later either.

Also I have a job or something...

I'm not dead

2014-04-06 17:21:15 by RogueRobot

lol jk I am.


2014-03-21 23:35:52 by RogueRobot

That was easy. It's at a Bill Miller's, it's much closer to my home than my old job, and it pays the same.

So.... I got fired

2014-03-18 23:05:10 by RogueRobot

Not sure why. Came home from work and got a call to not come back in tomorrow. Need to find another job.

Little Robot

2014-03-08 18:31:25 by RogueRobot


Just a little sneak peak. I know this character model is very basic and unrefined but I'm guessing we're going to zoom out the camera for the puzzles so adding to much detail wouldn't really work. This is only the movement poses and there would be some inbetweens I'd have to do. I plan on adding other things like idle animation and action animations.


2014-03-08 18:05:32 by RogueRobot

4520161_139431993173_WmbtRUD.jpgIt's a bitter sweet feeling getting this stuff. I'm glad I own a bit of Newgrounds history but I'm sorta sad to see the store go. Anyways, I'll make a post about the game I'm working on with zenovance later.  

Stencyl Jam

2014-02-25 19:32:29 by RogueRobot

Working with a cool dude named zenovance to make a game. I've never done one before, and neither has he. So obviously we're going to make the greatest game the world has ever seen. (BTW check out he makes awesome music. If nothing else our game will have an amazing soundtrack.)